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In preparation of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), the listing company should consult with industry professionals to gain a rough idea of the expenses incurred for the IPO. The process is also dependent on the experience and readiness of the IPO team coupled with the complexity of the business and its industry.

Here are the 12 key parties needed for an IPO application:

  1. Sponsors: Manage the entire IPO process – liaise with the company, regulators and professional parties.
  2. Underwriters: Responsible for pricing, marketing and positioning of an IPO to investors around the world.

  3. Legal Advisors: Guide companies on the securities law throughout the IPO process. Prepare registration statements and advise company on the related disclosure compliance requirements. The advisor will also make filings with regulatory bodies, comment on the filings and resolve any issues that may arise.

  4. Reporting Accountants: Issue accountant’s report on historical financial information and assist in financial reporting and verification work.

  5. Tax Advisors: Review tax provision and advise on any tax issues that may arise during the IPO process. Key role in multi-jurisdiction and cross-border operations.

  6. Internal Control Consultants: Review corporate governance of the group and internal controls over financial reporting.

  7. Industry Experts: Produce an independent report with diverse research. When report reaches the same conclusion, it adds another level of professionalism, aid stock liquidity, attains potential for quality stock coverage and provide extra layer of comfort for fund manager to take up the IPO.

  8. Property Valuer: Assess company’s property as one of the assets to be included in the prospectus.

  9. Financial Printers: As a conduit for the IPO documentation process, the financial printer’s office is the venue where all parties come together to work on the prospectus. The printer will also make filings to the stock exchange at various stages of the IPO process. 

  10. Public Relations Firms: Assist companies to furnish annual reports to shareholders. Generate positive press interest to gain maximum coverage of the company and the IPO. It will also monitor public statements and press releases.

  11. Share Registrars and Transfer Agents: Provide one-stop solutions for all securities registration and related corporate issues during the IPO process.

  12. Receiving Banks: Collect and check IPO subscription application forms and handle subscription monies.

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