6 Things to Consider when Transitioning Mandated Communications to Digital
By Toppan Merrill
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With the recent CMS ruling in favor of electronic posting of documents such as the Evidence of Coverage (EOC), it is important that you don’t compromise accessibility and compliance when transitioning such programs to digital. If it isn’t done correctly a lot is at stake, ultimately impacting your Star ratings. Here are six things to consider when transitioning your mandated communications to digital.

  1. Easy Access

    How much easier can it get than walking to the mailbox and opening an envelope? When members consent to receive digital communications, they expect even more convenience to access their documents. When considering moving your mandated communications to your website, make sure you consider the Three-Click best practice when it comes to accessing important documents such as the EOC, directories, EOB, etc. The Three-Click suggests that users should be able to find any information on a website using no more than three mouse clicks. This reduces frustration and ensures a positive online experience.

  2. A Picture’s Worth a 1,000 Words

    Everyone is vying for attention in the digital world. While your words are important in mandated communications, what members will really pay attention to are the visual cues and engaging content. Don’t underestimate the power of video or interactive tools to tell your story or you might miss the opportunity to get noticed in the first place. Utilizing a personalized microsite ensures your member has secure, individualized access to everything relating to their plan in an easy to use website. Utilizing omni-channel marketing allows you to engage your members, build confidence and maintain trust while creating a customer for life.

  3. Content Overload

    Have you ever had to page through a 200-page PDF to find a simple answer to your question or hunt and peck through a large website full of content? Not an easy feat! It’s easier to pick up the phone and call customer service. Unfortunately, that one call costs your plan significant money and directly impacts your bottom line. That money could have been saved by making it easier for the member to find what they're looking for. Save the call - utilize focused e-presentment microsites with robust search capabilities and personalized content that provide an intuitive user interface. Ensure your site utilizes enhanced search features to allow members to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. Offering zip code directories and treatment service calculators make it easy for them to do their own research without having to pick up the phone and make the call.

  4. Consent is your Largest Asset

    Transitioning your communications to digital can’t happen unless your members are willing and able. Gaining member consent for digital communications should be at the heart of everything you do; every phone call into customer service, every direct mail, every explanation of benefits, ask them to log in and set up their preferences. On average, plans have a 5-10% adoption rate for digital communications and many plans have successfully used incentives to increase consent for digital communications.

    Just as important as gaining consent is the ability to easily manage the consent across your organization. Utilizing an integrated system to manage member preferences by product and by communication type is key in remaining compliant and ease of use for members. Regardless if it’s a marketing email, regulated communication or annual screening reminder, your member should be able to access one site to manage all their preferences.

  5. Your New Audience: Don’t Forget about the Old One

    Even though the percentage of online users continues to rise, you still have a percentage of your members that prefer paper. Making the decision to go completely digital regardless of your members delivery preferences could negatively impact your overall customer satisfaction and ultimately your Star ratings. It’s important to give your members the preference to choose what they want and how they want it – whether that means email, print or text. This not only allows you to communicate with them the way they want to be communicated with but also reduces your risk of compliance errors and negatively impacting customer satisfaction scores.

  6. An Experienced Partner is Your Friend

    Regardless if it’s print or digital, mandated member communications are a multi-dimensional process that requires expertise well beyond standard digital marketing capabilities. Finding a partner who understands the regulations and ensures complete security around all of your communications is critical. Finding a partner that provides digital and print capabilities in an integrated HITRUST certified solution will remove the risk of compliance errors and safeguard against any security risks.

Merrill’s innovative single-source platform, Merrill Connect® facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, allowing clients to leverage secure, omni-channel solutions as regulations, markets and members evolve. Connect with us today to find out how we can help you in your digital journey.





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