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By Toppan Merrill
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silo-mentalityMarketing departments struggle with manual processes, siloed teams, and burned out employees because their processes and technology in many cases do not provide a more modern way of working. What’s needed is a connected, holistic strategy for marketing and communications work across the digital enterprise. This requires platforms that exist solely for marketing work in an agile organization—work that spans both structured and unstructured forms and connects marketing seamlessly with the rest of the business.

Ultimately, for enterprises to successfully transform and thrive, marketing departments need a better way of doing business.


Quick fixes work for a while, but they don’t produce great results.

Your teams use a variety of productivity tools each day to get work done. While these tools help to create content, manage basic workflows, collaborate with small groups, and distribute content, many times they fall short at managing cross-team projects or complicated workflows because they lack the capabilities to ensure people are utilized properly, and/or coordinate work across multiple departments.

These tools initiate silos, require manual updates, and produce disjointed reports that lead to hours spent in meetings, re-work, and frustration. Additionally, this inefficient, jumbled way of doing business causes missed deadlines and lost productivity across all marketing teams.

What's needed is a centralized modern marketing asset management solution that unifies different departments, connects processes and workflows, and creates a strategic and integrated martech stack


6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Modern Marketing Asset Management Solution

1.  It keeps all the work in one place.

The marketing department rests at the center of your company’s revenue growth. When your team organizes data, content, and activities across different tools and solutions, it’s impossible to see the capacity of your team or the time past projects required. You need a marketing asset management platform that easily works across all of your teams and geolocations for seamless collaboration and constant visibility.

With a modern marketing asset management platform, you know what marketing teams are focused on, and you equip each team with the understanding and capacity to focus on the right priorities and most important work. This type of intelligent platform also unifies and enables teams to work together to achieve strategic business goals and adapt to the changing market by reducing silos. With work in one place, everyone gains back the time to focus on innovation without sacrificing productivity. See everything and measure anything, providing transparency into progress, resources, outcomes, and priorities


2. It works the way your people work.

Modern work isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. Analog process and ad hoc project requests stall major marketing campaigns. Digital transformation initiatives require complex workflows and processes that span teams and geographies. Managing projects by teams fails to give you the speed and scale you need.

A customizable modern marketing asset management platform must offer the ability to build cross-functional, connected workflows to support an organization in motion. Your platform needs to seamlessly connect productivity tools and accommodate structured tasks and complex workflows while providing the flexibility for teams to work in the methodology of their choice.


3. It connects people to processes.

Your people determine the success of your company. Since your teams usually make up the most expensive line item within your budget, you need to make sure you use them in the best way possible. With new work coming in, priorities shifting constantly, and team members breaking under the pressure, you require better resource management.

Protect your resources from the burnout of overwhelming workloads and disconnected processes with a centralized marketing asset management platform where teams more easily complete projects on time and on budget at a higher level of productivity. Not only will this make your internal customers happy, but by documenting every team’s processes across the entire department, you finally gain visual proof of your department’s value and ability.


4. It helps deliver final projects to market faster.

Marketing teams struggle with massive workloads, constant requests for last-minute projects, and high demand for consistent yet creative content. Your team can’t sustain tight deadlines without constantly staying late, and the high standards you build your reputation on fly out the window when your team constantly rushes around, chasing down incomplete information or lost content.

A modern marketing asset management platform must support the entire lifecycle of content—from ideation, to work in progress, review and approval, and distribution and measurement. Connecting these pieces together allows your team to spend less time searching for content and more time producing assets to support new campaigns. Because marketing stands as the gatekeeper for all things brand-related, you need to make sure everything that goes live complies with your brand and industry regulations. You require a marketing asset management platform that helps you automate the review and approval process ensuring the right people view the right content every time. Once you finalize content, your marketing asset management platforms need to make finished content easy to find and be used by internal and external partners.


5. It aligns your work to your business goals.

Marketing departments manage multiple campaigns at one time differing in size of targeted audience and goals. Your campaigns utilize similar messaging, content, and art but they live in disjointed folders and locations, creating unmanageable challenges. Campaigns end up siloed, inconsistent with overall company messaging, and they never get reviewed for best practices for future projects.

You need a modern marketing asset management platform that allows you to manage all your campaigns from a portfolio perspective to better allocate resources for a clearer view of campaign management. The ultimate marketing asset management platform allows your team to manage multiple campaigns for resource allocation and consistency.


6. It operates at an enterprise scale.

Selecting a modern marketing asset management platform isn’t just about finding a solution for the marketing department. You collaborate with multiple teams (product, sales, compliance, etc.), so you need a partner that supports the entire enterprise and provides the infrastructure to do so. 

Since you plan for more than one team to use the system, your marketing asset management platform must be configurable to the way specific teams work while maintaining enterprise-level control and security. You expect the modern marketing asset management platform for your enterprise to support the delivery of continuous innovation, allowing you to make strategic decisions, move faster, and collaborate better as you adopt new and better capabilities without the pain of expensive and untimely upgrades.

At Toppan Merrill, we understand the challenges faced by marketing teams and have deep experience in the asset management industry. Our innovative single-source marketing asset management platform, Connect, facilitates seamless workflows and distribution of marketing content from electronic to print communications, with flexible adaptation to ever-changing regulations, markets and client needs.


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